God Crazy Freedom was birthed when a group of women ministry leaders gathered together and exchanged our powerful stories of hope. What was experienced as a result brought freedom in a way we all needed desperately. We cried, we laughed and when it was all said and done; we knew we had a mission.

– Michelle Borquez Thornton,
President and Founder, God Crazy Freedom

God Crazy Freedom is a REAL Conference with REAL stories and REAL ladies that have overcome life's darkest trials and are living a life of Wholeness and Victory and walking in Destiny! This will be a life-changing experience where each woman will leave with a renewed vision and personal plan for her life. You will never be the same!

"God Crazy, the book, was such a life-changing experience for so many of us that we culminated this experience by
hosting a "God Crazy" event where we were extremely blessed! Each woman left the conference with a renewed
and personal plan for her life. We will never be the same."
-Mary Merriweather, Director of Women's Ministries, Northeast Community Fellowship Foursquare Church, Portland, OR.

Michelle Borquez-Thornton

Barb Pruitt

Robin Bertram

Sharon Kay Ball

Chanda Crutcher
Jennifer Mallan

Kim Vastine

Paige Henderson
Punky Tolson

Bonnie Keen

Julia Walker
Dr. Tracey Mitchell
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