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The Power of Words

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 • Michelle Borquez Thornton • Relationships
Your words can harm or bring blessing. How do you choose your words? Read this refreshing and inspiring story of a priest's reaction to a woman concerned about her gossiping ways.
The Power of Words

There is power in our words, the power to destroy or build up, the power to give life or take it away. I read a story this past weekend I felt was such a great example to the power of words.

A woman came to a priest in confession asking to be forgiven for her sin of gossip. "Father Mike, please help me. I have sinned against a man and have helped destroy his life". What can I do to be forgiven"? "Go on top of your apartment roof and take with you a feather pillow and a knife. Stab the knife into the pillow over and over again. " The woman immediately left and did as the priest requested stabbing the pillow over and over again and watching as the feathers flew everywhere.

The next day she returned and told Father Mike of her success. "What now, she asked. What else can I do?" In a calm voice Father Mike replied, "Now go and find all the feathers, pick them up, and bring them back to me". "What?" the woman replied with excitement. "Father Mike that is impossible!" ?"Yes, it is impossible. Those feathers are like your words, they are gone never to be returned".Remember this the next time you choose to say something harmful about someone.

We are able to of course be forgiven for our harmful words, but once those words leave our mouth, they have power to harm, or to bring blessing. Remember this as you go about your day. I know I will. It's going to be a fabulous week.

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